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In case you want to go out on a date, you probably type into the search bar for a restaurant near you. After searching, you probably proceed to going through the list on the webpages and click on links with five star ratings. There is little attention that is paid to links that have lower ratings.

This shows the power of online reviews and why the reputation management forms an integral part of your digital marketing plan. To ensure the full growth of your business when dealing with small marketing budgets, there is a lot of potential that can be harnessed here. Here are reasons why you should be looking to improve your business’ online reputation.

Customer Confidence

Word of mouth used to be the decider for the growth of a business before the increase in internet usage. Negative feedback that is showcased by people is an important aspect that affects the purchasing decisions made by customers. The marketing industry has undergone tremendous transformations ever since.

There are over 90% of consumers who depend on the online reviews when making final purchasing decision according to recent statistics. There is a high level of trust of customers which is showcased by these online reviews. Before trusting a business, there have been studies which has shown customers need at least three to six online reviews. This has proven that when you get more positive reviews, you end up increasing the confidence of customers to your business.

Conversion Rate

There is the need for a call to action of a high sales pitch especially when subscribing to an ad or service. A major concern with lacking that level of certainty in your audience who are in need of the service of product. There is no guarantee that the customers are willing to go out of their budgets to purchase the product.

With online reviews, it works to target the audience. When customers search for a product online, it means they have an interest. The customers are gifted with the purchasing power and willingness to pay. All that remains is convincing them to choose your product over the competitors.

SEO Ranking

When struggling to make SEO work for you, you might opt to work with online reviews. Without knowledge of how search engine’s algorithm works, many expert recommend use of reviews. There are search engines which trust business with reviews compared to ones with negative ones.

When searching for a product of service, it appears first on the webpages. Your ranking on search engines will grow over time as you become more visible. A viable solution instead of spending a fortune on SEO, you can opt for the simple route of relying on positive online reviews for the growth of your business.

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