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Why Regenerative Medicine?

There is a new medical field that is now treating a range of diseases and conditions, including chronic pain. It is regenerative medicine that is the new medical field. Regenerative medicine therapies Include platelet-rich plasma (PRP), growth factors, and stem cell therapy. These are currently being used to treat chronic pain in different joint areas including the knee, ankle, hip, wrist, elbow, and shoulder. Pain prescriptions and over-the-counter medications are being used by traditional medicine to cure chronic pain. Traditioanl medicine focuses on treating the chronic pain itself. In regenerative medicine, in order to minimize and cure pain, the focus is on repairing the tissues and strengthening tendons in joints.

An alternative to traditional methods can be used to alleviate chronic pain. You can find help with regenerative medicine. Find out the benefits that regenerative medicine offers below.

The promotion of the production of collagen in the body is one of the main benefits of regenerative medicine. Collagen is responsible to strengthen tendons and tissues. The range of motion in joints is increased when the tendons and tissues on and surrounding the joints are strengthened. Then you can move freely and do that tasks that you normally do each day when the range of motion in joints is increased.

The promotion of faster healing is another benefit of regenerative medicine. There are growth factors used in regenerative medicine that help jumpstart the process of regeneration of tissues and tendons. Faster healing is then brought about. When you get healed, then you can go back to your normal activities sooner.

With regenerative medicine, the risk of future injuries and pain is reduced. Because regenerative medicine encourages collagen production, then the tendons are tightened and strengthened. This will help minimize the risk of future injuries and pain.

The is now research going on in cord blood stem cells in their different applications and this includes type 1 diabetes to find out if the cells can slow down the loss of insulin production in children. The effect of stem cells on cardiovascular repair is also part of the research and they are finding out if cells selectively migrate to injured cardiac tissue, improve function and blood flow at the site of the injury, and improve overall heart function. When it comes to the central nervous system applications, the focus of research is whether cells migrate to the area of brain injury to alleviate mobility relate symptoms, an repair damaged brain tissues. Cord blood stem cells will be an important resource as medicine advances towards using the body’s own cells for treatment. Using cord blood stem cells could help the body treat its own ailments. If the body’s own stem cells are infused in his own system, then it will not be rejected by the body. Letting the body heal itself by its own stem cells is an important focus of regenerative medicine.

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